Monday, July 22, 2013

'Illinois hate group launches ugly attack against same-sex families' and other Monday midday news briefs

 Illinois Equality Opponents: Homosexuality is A ‘Tyrannical, Oppressive, Poisonous Cultural Force’ - Just plain nasty. And desperate. 

Ken Cuccinelli: Gays And Lesbians Still 'Harmful To Society' - What's worse than a homophobe? A consistent homophobe.

Known Exorcist Testifies Against Massachusetts Bill To Ban ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy - I'm sure THAT'S going to go well.

San Diego County Clerk Asks Court to Block Gay Marriage - Funny how when the Prop 8 vote went their way, opponents of marriage equality chided the lgbt community for not accepting the vote. Yet another notch in the belt of hypocrisy.

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