Monday, July 29, 2013

Marriage equality = open season on Christians? Bull!

Talk about your slanted reports. Forget the ridiculous talking point that marriage equality is wrong because "marriage brings two halves of humanity together." Let's just concentrate on the "marriage equality means gays will declare open season on Christians." This video is full of lies, which I already covered in several posts. The major one has to do with implying that the Justice Department is forcing employees to celebrate Gay Pride Month.  Also, please note how the vast majority of so-called horror stories are not being told by the people supposedly involved in the incidents, but rather repeated by religious right talking heads. It reminds me of high school students gossiping in the cafeteria. It's sad when supposed people of God stoop to propaganda and lies:

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Erica Cook said...

off topic but aptly funny. I use Natural reader to "read" your articles it reads lies as lice. I don't know why, but I think it adds an interesting twist. The other side is full of... lice. Could be the new term to take the place of animal dung.