Tuesday, July 02, 2013

'Religious right happy about Russian censorship of gays' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Russia Anti-Gay Bill Admired By Some U.S. Conservatives - Surprise! American religious right figures just love the fact that Russia has passed a bill to stop lgbt activism. 
Mike Huckabee: 'I'm Neither A Homophobe Nor A Hater,' But Gay Marriage Is Just Like Polygamy - Leave it up to Mike Huckabee to give the lgbt community some of that "Ike Turner" love.  

15 Examples Of Anti-Gay Discrimination Conservatives Want To Preserve - For probably the hundredth time I ask if we allow discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, then where is the line drawn?

  Nothing is Safe: Austin Ruse Upset He Had To See a Lesbian on the Food Network - OMG! And she was cooking food with her wife! Someone call Batman!!


Ashley Wilson said...

For Austin Ruse, does he realize that "Chopped" is hosted by a former cast member of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"? Former "Iron Chef" Cat Cora is also an out lesbian. The first season of "Next Food Network Star" was won by a gay couple.

Top that off with Jamie Deen's visit to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on an episode of his show. I think Ruse would find fewer gays by watching Bravo!

Gregory Peterson said...

We don’t consider ourselves hate-mongers and racists and bigots.”

Robert Patterson, founder and the Mississippi Executive Secretary of the (white) Citizens’ Councils.

From the book: The Deep South Says Never
by John Bartlow Martin. Ballantine Books, New York. 1957. page 3.