Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The video snippet NOM doesn't want you to remember

If you will look on the blog of the National Organization for Marriage, you will see that the organization is making a pivot in it's talking points regarding marriage equality. It's not about "protecting the children" anymore. Rather it's about supposedly "protecting religious liberty."

Apparently those of us who support marriage equality are running roughshod over the freedoms of those who don't support it. NOM's blog posts are endless whinings about "lawless government officials" and horror stories about pastors being forced to marry couples.

So it would seem that the "oh won't someone please think of the children" talking point has run its course for NOM. But let's not totally discard the talking point. Remember the following snippet from Question One, the documentary about the 2009 vote to repeal marriage equality in Maine when the head of campaign to repeal, Marc Mutty, actually refuted NOM's talking point about marriage equality and children:

Hyperbole and fiction were NOM's biggest strengths when the organization and its allies pushed lies about marriage equality harming children. And now the organization is using the same two qualities when it attempts to scare people about how marriage equality will destroy their "religious liberty."

Let's not forget that nor allow anyone else to forget either.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Without support, they will not be able to push the lie.
They have marched out the few times there was a problem so many times that no one cares. Plus they all brought it on themselves and had nothing to do with marriage.
The only child of SS parents to come forward, even after they advertised for kids,is Lopez and he is getting old.
They can scream and holler all they want but it's all BS and people know it.

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

"protecting religious liberty."

What about the religious liberties of those who support marriage equality?