Thursday, August 22, 2013

'Is Scott Lively taking credit for Russian homophobia?' and other Thursday midday news briefs

How A Global Anti-Gay Activist Reached Into Russia - Homophobe Scott Lively seems to be taking credit for the anti-gay debacle in Russia while he is facing a lawsuit for another anti-gay debacle in Uganda. 

The Seven Most Ignorant Reactions To Bradley Manning Coming Out As Chelsea - I would be accused of having my head in the sand if I ignored the situation regarding Chelsea Manning.

 WND Touts Hate Group's Distortion Of Pentagon Policy On Same-Sex Marriages - World Net Daily teaming with the Family Research Council? It's one of those proverbial matches made in the lower part of hell.

 “Dangerously Uninformed”: Fox News’ Fact-Free Campaign Against Protections For Transgender Students - Isn't calling Fox News "dangerously uninformed" an extreme oxymoron?

Albany pols push for ban on gay ‘conversion’ therapy for teens, citing new N.J. law - Yes! Big time yes!

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