Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'Right-wing BLAST Gov. Christie for signing 'ex-gay' therapy ban' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Right-Wing Media Blast Chris Christie For Signing "Ex-Gay" Therapy Ban - Apparently the right-wing is so angry at Christie that they don't like nor his mama right now. All except Maggie Gallagher. She backtracking from comments attributed to her. 

Tim Donnelly, California Politician, To Pull Son Out Of Public School Over Transgender Students Bill - His son said he would not use the bathroom alongside a transgender teen.  Donnelly had to pull the child out of school, otherwise he would just bust from constant suspicion.

Teacher applies GLAAD CAP in exchange with Laurie Higgins. You can too! - And THIS is why I say there needs to be more information out there regarding the ugly rhetoric and lies of the religious right. If the information isn't out there, then folks who want and need it cannot receive it. 

 The 5 Weirdest Ideas From Conservatives’ New Talking Points Against Marriage Equality - And here we go again.  

Harvey: Gays Seek to 'Absorb the Personality and Identity of Another Person' - OMG! Now she thinks we are something from Star Trek. I get to be "Q." He may be a villain but the brother can dress!

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