Friday, August 30, 2013

'Ordinance fight shows hypocrisy of anti-gay 'Christians'' and other Friday midday news briefs

San Antonio LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law Draws Hundreds To 'Pray' In Protest - This article demonstrates the hypocrisy of so many anti-gay "Christians." On one hand, they talk patronizingly about loving gays while at the same time lauding a councilwoman who called us vile names. The problem with so many wannabe Christians is that they take opposite positions on gays at the same time and then get angry at being called two-faced. 

NOM political director to head CA’s anti-trans effort (#MoreThanMarriage) - So much for NOM only being "concerned" about marriage. 

How Chris Christie Is Leading A 'Sex Cult' And Turning New Jersey Into Gay Saudi Arabia - There are SOOOO many things wrong with that headline, article, thought, and words grouped together.

HHS Extends Medicare Coverage for Same-Sex Spouses in Nursing Homes - Sweet! 

 Liberty Counsel’s Ex-Gay Rhetoric Is Too Extreme Even For Focus On The Family - Hmmmm. This may get interesting.

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