Thursday, August 01, 2013

Why I LOVE those anti-gay activists from France

Is it wrong for me to start enjoying it every time La Manif Pour Tous, the anti-gay group in France, stages yet another protest against marriage equality:

According to the Huffington Post:

The anti-gay equality activists, calling themselves La Manif Pour Tous, are well-known for their blatantly homoerotic protests, the irony of which is surely lost in a haze of fervent bigotry. But hey, if these Frenchmen want to strip down, run around with each other in boats and climb poles on top of mountains, who are we to stop them?

The group of men began these protests following France's legalization of gay marriage last April, leading to a violent backlash among citizens who were unhappy with the legislation. Apparently, some people just choose to express their hatred of gay marriage in a less violent, more naked form of protest. And sometimes, they like to be gagged.

Oh why can't all anti-gay protestors be like this? 


Erica Cook said...

Well, you know... it's France. I wonder if they realize how much we are laughing at them? Okay apparently your doing something else, but I'm laughing. Because every time I see them I imagine our anti-gay activists watching it on TV going, "NO NO NO, not the pink again!!!"

Notnerb said...

I can just imagine one of their planning meetings…

Jacques: Sacré bleu, we must do something to show our disapproval of gay marriage!

Francois: Hey, why don’t you, Marc and Yves tear my clothes off and cover me with honey, then take turns licking it off my naked writhing body!

Jacques: BRILLIANT!!! That will definitely get our point about gay marriage across!

Francois: Oh sorry, I wasn’t paying attention… what was that about gay marriage?

Anonymous said...

4 half naked men climbing ontop of each other and straddling a wooden pole to protest against gay marriage.

It must be tough being an Onion writer these days.

Keir said...

"Oh why can't all anti-gay protesters be like this?"

Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Scot Lively, Coach Dave Daubenmire...

You wanna see these men wearing nothing but pink shorts and straddling a pole?

I can see it in my mind's eye, and I just became a little less gay/a lot more straight. Yuck. I will pass.

BlackTsunami said...

ewwww, Keir. LOL