Wednesday, August 14, 2013

'World Net Daily accuses gays of turning Dr. King into 'a queen'' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

WND Columnist: "Homosexual Lobby" Trying "To Turn Dr. King Into A Queen" - So, with an absolutely preposterous column World Net Daily takes a break from pushing false claims about Obama's birth certificate to "defend" Martin Luther King, Jr's legacy from gays.  . . . stop laughing.

Cable News Networks Invite Hate Group Leaders To Discuss Transgender Inclusion - And of course they make complete fools of themselves but the point is where is the balance? 

September Is 'Ex-Gay Awareness Month,' According To Family Research Council Groups - Be still my gas. 

Harvey: LGBT Rights Leads to the 'Oppression' of Parents - Linda Harvey is ALWAYS good for a laugh.

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Anonymous said...

What gets me is that news people let comments go unchallenged. The idiocy from FRC and like groups is appalling but if they insist on having these groups at least do the most basic of research on their history.