Thursday, September 19, 2013

'Right-wing continues sad attempt to harm Matthew Shepard's reputation' and other Thursday midday news briefs

What's Really Behind Right-Wing Media's Matthew Shepard Trutherism - In which we learn that some of those draping themselves with the Christian religion have no shame or a truly balanced view of right and wrong. But try as they might, their attempts at playing revision with this awful tragedy won't fly. 

Barber: The NALT Christians Project Is 'Apostasy' - Meanwhile, as his colleagues attempt to besmirch the reputation of Matthew Shepard, the Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber goes on full assault against an effort to keep the religious right from boggarting the conversation what constitutes Christianity in America. If Christianity is truly in trouble in this country, it's because of oblivious behavior like that of Barber's.  

Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion - Archbishop Nienstadt is sooo not going to like that. Much like the folks in the library didn't appreciate the loud noise I made when I fell out after reading that headline. But talk is cheap. What is the Pope going to do about it.  

Texas AG Finally Reads San Antonio’s LGBT Protections And Realizes They’re Constitutional - Victory number two for the recently passed San Antonio non-discrimination ordinance.

Virginia Gurrola, Porterville, California Mayor, Removed From Office For LGBT Proclamation - Hoo boy! After reading that article, read this one.

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I just read your piece,The LGBT Community Desperately Needs to Confront Anti-Gay Propaganda, at the Huff and I agree whole heartedly!
We complain about on our own blogs and pass the info around but it is not out loud to their face. The times news programs use hate group leaders for "balance" is when our side should cut loose! Blast them with their own words! I would love to see someone from the HRC have the guts to expose any number of people instead of this passive crap. I am so sick of being lumped in with the worst of humanity covered with lies and masked hate.
Those who peddle the lies feed on sheeple who will believe anything if a "religious" person said so. I was confronted by a "Christian" woman at a party who believed every lie. I had to try not to laugh at first. I told her about my life and wife. I told her the truth about the "gay lifestyle" and she needed to start talking to gay people. By the time I left the conversation, I was almost in tears that this seemingly smart woman believed the lies and refused to listen to the truth.
These hate groups use every form of media every day to broadcast lies and call us names. How can we stop them? Does the freedom of speech have no limits? or are those limits only to individuals? Are there FCC limits to slander of a minority?
I don't care what people believe but name calling and lies about us are NOT part of any holy book.
Why can't we get more network news programs to expose these hate groups?