Friday, September 20, 2013

Russian anti-gay video demonstrates the ugly power of homophobic propaganda

You want to see the power of anti-gay propaganda?

Via my friend John Aravosis from Americablog comes this absolutely vile video from Russia. You may think this video is funny in its inanity but maybe that's part of the problem. Nothing which demonizes a group of people in this way should be considered funny. Also remember that what's funny to us is taken seriously by some folks in Russia as the country moves to persecute their lgbt citizens.

And the thing which makes me absolutely sick about this video? The discredited Regnerus study is included. NOM and its allies failed to move the Supreme Court with that trash, but they are doing incredible damage in other places with it.

Take note, religious right. This is what true persecution looks like and you should know it well. After all, you are partly responsible for it:


grumpy_otter said...

Very disturbing. Using Regnerus and NAMBLA as the evidence that being gay is not normal would be like me using Westboro Baptist Church as my evidence to denounce Christianity.

Is this created by the government, or by some fringe group? Is it in wide release?

Ray Engelke said...

I would really love to know where they got their "Facts" from. Where did they get the information about "changes in the ceberal cortex" causing homosexuality, and where did they get the information about it "being more easy to treat than alcoholism".

NicolaLuna said...

Had to sit and calm myself before commenting. I started off by laughing at the ridiculousness of the video, by the end I was in tears, and now I'm furious. They are just sick. This is going to cause even more anti-LGBT violence. I want to channel my anger into something productive. How can we help the Russian LGBT community?

Matthew Martin said...

Where was this aired? Some of the statistics they cite were for the US and actually way different than the figures for Russia.

Also, was that Mallow610? That's really quite an achievement to make it into a Russian propaganda piece.