Saturday, October 12, 2013

Right-wing activist - Gay people should 'keep it private'

As mentioned before, taking place this weekend is that dreadfully repugnant "Values Voter" summit put on by the Family Research Council.

A key part of this monstrosity of an event is always the awful anti-gay comments. And this is evidenced by the following video of a speech which just took place by right-wing activist Star Parker:

Sorry, Star Parker (and by the way, you are so unaptly named), but neither me nor any of my lgbt brothers and sisters will follow different rules of behavior from folks like yourself. We will not keep our families, our relationships, and our very lives "private" simply because you have a hang up about sexual intercourse.

That's YOUR problem, not ours.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch who has taken the awful task of live tweeting this event. I think the organization deserves some type of perpetual award for that one.

Also, let's keep up the twitter bombing:

 RT How They See Us: Unmasking the War on America

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Erica Cook said...

When people say this kind of thing to me, I say, "then I never want to hear one word about you boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. And you should remove any wedding rings and family photos from public sight because they are obscene." When they say that's different, I say, "No, if my privet life should be hidden in shame so should yours."