Monday, October 14, 2013

'Documentary showcases religious right damage to Ugandan gays' and other Monday midday news briefs

'God Loves Uganda': American Evangelicals Export Their Anti-Gay Message - It still turns my stomach when I think of what the American religious right did to the lgbt community in Uganda. 

Black Christian Group working for LGBTQ rights from within Black Churches - Good news to cheer you up after the depressing first news brief.  

Pro-discrimination Prop 8 proponents still in search of a court that'll buy into fables - The poor, pitiful pro-Prop 8 forces in California still fighting a war which they lost.  

Be Out, Be Healthy, Get Covered: Answers To 10 Queer Questions About Obamacare - A MUST for every LGBT in America.

 It Gets Even Worse: New Russian Bill Seeks To Ban Same-Sex Surrogacy - Pretty soon, Russia will create a law which will seek lgbts from even gazing upon children. My statement was a joke but we are at red alert conditions here.  

The 15 Best Reactions To National Coming Out Day - Nice!

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