Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet the 'ex-gay' former Satanic drag queen who isn't exactly 'ex-gay'

Meet the Trace McNutt, a self-described former Satanic drag queen who recently received a "Courage award" from Voice for the Voiceless, the "ex-gay" group behind the recently unsuccessful lobby day and banquet on Capitol Hill a while back.

And one more thing, according to another interview, he isn't exactly "ex-gay."

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BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

"Some are healed and some are not." This is the disclaimer these religious ex-gay quacks have to use to cover their butts because no one changes their orientation. They are convinced their self hate can be cured if they just try to stop/manage their behavior because God will love you more. They are as bad as the doctor who poisons the well so they can charge people to heal them. They created the social attitudes against us so we hate ourselves and seek them out to fix us. Most of the new laws against repairitive therapy only address Professionals and not the quacks out for a buck. They are leeches.