Thursday, October 03, 2013

'NOM is suing the IRS' and other Thursday midday news briefs

NOM: ‘The IRS Needs To Pay’ For Leaking Document Revealing Its Wrongdoing - Talk about trying to draw attention to yourself. NOM is worse than Sarah Palin.  

Globalizing Homophobia, Part 1: How The American Right Came to Embrace Russia’s Anti-Gay Crackdown - Part 1 of a kick-ass series of articles which every lgbt in America needs to read. 

From People for the American Way:

 . . . we’ll look at how American activists influenced Russia’s anti-gay laws by funding anti-gay activism in Russia, testifying before the Duma, providing false research to fan the flames of anti-gay laws abroad, and building an international movement to back the harshest anti-gay laws around the world. 

College Gay Pride Celebrations Come Under Attack Despite Institutional Support - A former Georgia lawmaker writes a vicious anti-gay letter. But you should read the comments under the letter. They are BRUTAL to him.  

Two Minutes of Advice for Those Testing HIV-Positive (VIDEO) - A much needed video for every community.

 One Million Moms Very Upset About Funny Ruby Tuesday Ad Featuring Pixellated Meat - Huh?

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