Friday, November 01, 2013

'Anti-gay activist claims lgbts stole the word 'equality'' and other Friday midday news briefs

Professional anti-gay would appreciate it if you stop stealing his English language; he owns it—it's his - Porno Pete LaBarbera HATES for lgbts to use the word "equality." How ironic that I have so many choice words I can use to describe him. But such language would cause Armageddon.

Most Americans Don't Know People Can Be Fired For Being Gay, Only Half Support Law Preventing It - Thank you American media for keeping us halfway ignorant. 

Hawaii Republicans Try To Block Marriage Equality From Advancing - You can only keep away a rushing tide of momentum for only a second if at all.

  'A Day With HIV' Aims To Fight Stigma And Raise AIDS Awareness - An excellent post! 

FRC Asks God To 'Intervene To Prevent; ENDA From Passing - I think God has more important things to attend to.

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Dr. Shrinker said...

When are conservatives going to give back the word "patriot?"