Monday, November 25, 2013

Lgbts should start calling the shots against the anti-gay right

Maybe it's just me but the following debate on Crossfire between S.E. Cupp and Ralph Reed depresses the hell out of me:

Ralph Reed's talking points drives me crazy like nails on a chalkboard and find myself asking why does the issue continue to be danced around?

Ultimately the issue of lgbt equality goes beyond marriage. If lgbts do attain marriage in all 50 states, we will continue to deal with the lies and distortions thrown at us by folks like Reed. My question is why is this never part of the conversation?

Why can't we ask folks like Reed about the myriad of times they have compared gay men to pedophiles or why they have claimed that "homosexuality is an unhealthy lifestyle?"

Why isn't there some type of national conversation regarding the constant times people like Reed have cherry-picked actual science or relied on junk science to give a false view of the lgbt community?

But no. We are constantly fighting this battle on their terms, using their words and phrases even though we know words like "religious liberty" and "religious freedom" are a cynical dodge.

We will never fully attain equality unless we combat the anti-gay right, not on their terms, but the terms they refuse to address.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I'm with you on that!
When I saw this and many like it, I wonder when the real questions will be asked. Why is our side afraid to open their mouth when faced with circle jerk from the right? It just takes one good question to blow each one off the air but many of the "network news" programs still think these slim balls are authorities on a subject they clearly are not.
Some day soon I hope to watch a brave person ask Perkins about the lies. One at a time until Perkins is so flustered he just leaves.

Erica Cook said...

What I always want to ask is if they are so concerned with religious freedom why are they not protecting my religion's definition of marriage. The answer is they are saying religious freedom, but they mean Christian supremacy. If they really wanted to tell the truth they'd say there is no such thing as religious freedom in the US, but in fact Christian supremacy with some allotment of respect for other religions close enough to Christianity to be allowed a little latitude.