Friday, November 08, 2013

'Religious right angry at Senate Republicans over ENDA vote' and other Friday midday news briefs

Social Conservatives Flummoxed By Senate GOP Silence On LGBT Anti-Bias Bill - Cut them some slack. I mean you can't expect them to constantly repeat your lying anti-gay talking points without getting tired at least sometimes.

 Fact Checking Liberty Counsel's New Video On "Religious Hostility In The Military" - And guess what? There are a lot of things wrong with the Liberty Counsel's "facts." 

"Religious Liberty": The Next Big Front in the Culture Wars - And now that we recognize this, how do we find a cognitive argument against it.  

Minority Legislators Prove Key To Illinois Marriage Equality Victory - Just like everyone else, when minority legislators and communities in general aren't taking for granted by marriage equality supporters, they tend to reap success.  

Fondly Remembering Obama's Days As A Gay, Cocaine-Using Hustler - When Obama Derangement Syndrome combines with homophobia, it gets damned ugly.

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ColdCountry said...

Hi Alvin! Not a comment, but couldn't find an email for you. I saw this earlier and thought you might be interested.

Parents in Germany can leave the gender spot blank on birth certificates for inter-sexed babies.