Friday, November 15, 2013

'SC judge takes himself off of marriage equality case' and other Friday midday news briefs

EXCLUSIVE: Judge bows out of SC gay marriage suit - Well this is interesting. The judge overseeing the SC marriage equality case has himself removed because as a member of the executive board of the Indian Waters Council of the Boy Scouts of America, he voted for the policy to admit gay Boy Scouts, but not gay Scout leaders. It should give you an indication to just how HOT this case is going to be.  

Illinois Bishop Will Offer Exorcism For Marriage Equality - I won't do it but by all means, feel free to make snide comments about the lack of exorcisms when came to Catholic priests molesting children. 

John Boehner Clearly Doesn’t Understand Why ENDA Is Necessary - Uh, Boehner is bull@#!ing.

California anti-trans coalition has no plan for transgender protection - And this surprises whom? Nobody. 

Houston's Harris County adopts sweeping policy aimed at protecting LGBT inmates - This is a good thing. 

How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America - In light of my morning post regarding anti-gay groups in America trying to seek what they can out of Russia's anti-gay law, this link is highly important regarding their claims and lies. If you have a problem downloading it, email me at and I will email you an adobe acrobat copy.


loganbacon said...

While I disagree with his vote to exclude gay scout leaders, without knowing the reasons for his vote, I'm not certain his vote is grounds for disqualification. Judges are permitted to have opinions on issues as long as their decisions in the cases they decide are based on the law and not their personal opinions. If, on the other hand, he felt he could not decide impartially based on the law, that requires disqualification.

ezs said...

Holy...crap... this could mean the beginning of the end for the yahoos. Good luck!