Friday, November 22, 2013

'Useless anti-gay group angry over Jingle Bells commercial' and other Friday midday news briefs

One Million Moms Reacts to the 12 Balls of Christmas - And the 2013 edition version of the ridiculous "War on Christmas" has an opening salvo as this useless religious right group complains about the above commercial. I personally fail to see what the problem is. And where was this group when the following commercial ran:


Come on. A white guy forced to show the size of his butt to his African-American boss. They could have blamed it on the election of President Obama. Megyn Kelly and Fox News would have. 

And in other news:  

Air Force Academy Defends Employment Of Ex-Gay Therapist - This ought to be an epic defense. At least it had better be.  

Ugandan Minister of Ethics Conjures Up GAYS in Schools to promote Anti-Gay Legislation - Oh God. A witch hunt!  

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Cuts Off All Spousal Guard Benefits In Stunning Display Of Childish Bigotry - I fail to see how being mean-spirited is a Christian value.


GLBTQ Jamaica Linkup Mod said...

cute ad though

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the offensiveness of the ad, but I gotta get me some of those boxers!

Erica Cook said...

I don't know why they don't like the first ad, but I was at work the first time I saw it. I help a woman who has MS, and I have to say I am not a christian and if my sister didn't have kids I wouldn't take part in it at all, So when I saw the guys erm, gingeling all I thought was, "Really?"

I won't say its offencive but I will say its another reason to wish it was January.