Tuesday, December 03, 2013

'30 moments from Hawaii's first day of marriage equality' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

30 Moments From Hawaii’s First Day Of Marriage Equality That Prove It Really Is The Aloha State - A little antidote to the anti-gay crazy. Buzzfeed shows us 30 moments from Hawaii's first day of marriage equality. It's all about love, y'all. 

Virginia Tax Policy To Punish Same-Sex Couples And Businesses That Recognize Their Marriages - I'm beginning to think that Virginia isn't exactly approving of marriage equality (snark). 

 PFOX Tricks Parents by Getting Listed In Phone Book as ‘Help Line’ - An 'ex-gay' group with as a "helpline?" Mercy.  

WND: What If Mary Cheney Were A Pedophile? - Eeeeeew! I hope Dick Cheney is paying attention. If there is anytime I wish the Republican Palpatine would strike somebody, it's now.  

Sasha Fleischman, Agender California Teen, Speaks Out After Having Skirt Set On Fire On Bus - You have to read this story!

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Emily Shorette said...

Thank you for posting about Sasha! It was much appreciated.