Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Bob Newhart cancels appearance at anti-gay Legatus Summit' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Bob Newhart Cancels Appearance at Anti-Gay Legatus Summit - Bet you didn't know that comedian Bob Newhart was scheduled to appear at a conference put on by an anti-gay group. He probably didn't either because once he found out, he canceled his appearance. Good job, Bob. 

Head of org. that leads national fight against *civil* marriage equality: Homosexuality is 'not logical,' 'degrading to the human soul'- My fellow African-Americans should remember this news brief. The National Organization for Marriage bent over backwards to pretend that they were protecting the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement from the lgbt community. However, when someone disrespects the same movement, NOM president Brian Brown doesn't even talk about it. Just goes to show that NOM doesn't care about African-Americans except for to be used as  pawns.  

After 60 Years Together, They Cross A River, Rings In Hand - After 60 years together, this gay couple takes advantage of the ability to finally marry. And in the end of all things, it's love that matters. 

 Pa. pastor defrocked after performing gay son’s wedding - What about this man's religious liberty?

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Erica Cook said...

In regards to the story about NOM. The civil rights movement means something kind of different for me. I'm white. I joke that I couldn't be more white if I were Albino. The thing is I'm also learning disabled. When I went to school the only rights for the disabled had to do with physical accessibility.

But Growing up and learning about black history month I made the connection between my rights and the civil rights movement. The very real truth is I'd likely have never even been able to get a High school education let along be working on my second degree right now if it weren't for things like Brown v the board of education. The idea that separate isn't equal does apply in my life. If anyone has ever been in an LD class from the 1980s and understood most the kids there had IQs over 100 you'd understand what I mean. I couldn't read past the second grade when I started Middle school. Reading and spelling are still a challenge for me. The fact that I can mask it most the time doesn't change the fact that I need help. Help that would never be given to me if someone hadn't once posed the issue that some people are treated like they were less than others and it wasn't right.

The help the movement afforded me may have not been the point, but it effects me and I owe it and those who started it my chance at a better life. Because of this I take attacks on the civil rights movement very personally. When I hear people make statements like, blacks were happier before the Civil rights movement, I instantly want to go on the attack.

Then, of cores I get the liberal white chick label. And you know what? I am. I am because I see the fight for equality not just now as an adult lesbian but as an 8 year old girl being told that if I can't read the text book then I don't belong in the class, and how my grandma was going to hell because she was a dirty Jew. And how lazy I must be even though I had worked all night on something everyone else spend maybe an hour on.

That's why when I hear things like this I take it as if they were saying it to me about me. It isn't because I think both the fights are the same, they aren't and I wouldn't pretend to know what someone who comes from a different life than I do goes through. Its more like standing up for my grandparent or sibling. The causes are related, Gay rights, black rights (or the rights of persons of any color), and the rights of the disabled. For me they are all the same. An attack on one is an attack on them all.