Friday, December 13, 2013

Bryan Fischer forgets what the Bible says about pride

It seems to me that Bryan Fischer is so adept on the Biblical verses which speaks about the so-called sin of homosexuality that he forgot the one about pride going before a fall:

Now Bryan. How can you be the "truth detector" when you are already the bullshit artist?


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

He would not know the truth if it bit him on the ass.
Fischer is so full of himself covered in BS that the only thing to come out of him is the vile stench of violence, hate and lies. He promotes wars on minorities and other religions daily to a mass of ignorant people creating a dangerous environment for those minorities and religions.
He uses the Bible as a weapon and as a shield against those who accuse him of being mentally ill.
Honestly, if you knew a loved one who obsessed 24/7 over one or 2 related topics with such strong negative emotions, you would be concerned. If they were preaching those negative ideas to others, you would be compelled to act on their behalf and get them some help. Fisher NEEDS help but because he waves a holy book around, people excuse his illness.

Anonymous said...

His focus on the lgbt passages in the Bible is telling. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if photos of Fischer on his knees worshiping a big one surfaced.

There's some truth in the fact that the most vicious homophobes have a higher statistical probability of being gay themselves.