Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elton John denounces Russia's anti-gay laws during Moscow concert

I'll be honest.

 I have on many, many occasions railed against the extensive fascination of celebrities in the lgbt community. I have called out how many of us don't seem about important issues until someone like Lady Gaga or Ellen DeGeneres talks about it. And there is a reason why this blog will not talk about the alleged relationship between a certain young Olympic athlete and an older, Oscar-winning screenwriter.

But I also believe in giving credit where its due and for Elton John to speak out against Russia's anti-gay laws during concert in Moscow took a lot of chutzpah.

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Erica Cook said...

I think its safe to say he's following and not leading this time. However, I do like that he did this. He also did it. It would be nice if people got involved without the intercedence of stars, but I know not all people have an interest in the news. I honestly could care less about stars. My interest is in the news. But for those who wouldn't know about some issues without someone famous talking about it, I'm glad they do talk about it.