Tuesday, December 31, 2013

News briefs special - 2013 was an extremely successful year for lgbt equality

WATCH: ABC News Looks Back at One Big Gay Year - It was a very good year (apologies to Frank Sinatra. On the other hand, you DO NOT want to hear me sing it, much less anything else.)

Michelle Obama Congratulates Robin Roberts On Coming Out - How cool is this? The First Lady of the United States publicly acknowledges and congratulates someone coming out.

 20 Of The Most Compelling Queer People Of 2013 - LOVE the list. Although I am not completely down with the "queer" definition. It's nothing personal, just a little stubbornness on my part. I don't like someone labeling me without giving me an understanding of what that label means. I know that I am a gay man, but would like the "queer" paradigm explained to me before I choose to embrace it.  

23 Photos Of Same-Sex Couples That Will Warm Your Heart - Expect to see more of these couples AND their children because marriage equality is here to stay!  

How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America - Oh come on, folks. Did you really think I wouldn't include this? For me, 2013 will be remembered for my successful (though underground and cult status) booklet which took a unique look at anti-gay propaganda. We need more stuff like this and done by larger and more moneyed sources. (Editor's note - this link is not to Scribd but to my new webpage where you can download my booklet free of charge. Of course if you would rather move onto the adobe acrobat version of the booklet and avoid the site, which gives a good explanation of the booklet, you can go directly here.)

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JCF said...

I'm sorta Lesbian, sorta Gay, sorta Bi, and sorta Trans: I hope you can see why I personally LOVE the catch-all "Queer". HTH.

Happy New Year, BT.