Friday, December 20, 2013

Uganda passes anti-homosexuality bill; lgbts face life imprisonment for orientation

When people whine about lgbts being pushy and such, I always like to say "if you know what I know, you would understand." The following below is one of those knowing moments:

A spokeswoman for Uganda's parliament says lawmakers have passed a long-shelved law that punishes "aggravated homosexuality" with life imprisonment.Helen Kawesa said the anti-homosexuality bill was passed Friday. The new law does not have the death penalty, which was in the draft legislation when it was first introduced in Uganda's parliament in 2010. The original bill was condemned by world leaders who said it was draconian and United States President Barack Obama described it as "odious." Homosexuality already had been illegal in Uganda, but the lawmaker who wrote the bill that passed Friday argued that a tough new law was needed because homosexuals from the West threatened to destroy Ugandan families and were allegedly "recruiting" Ugandan children into gay lifestyles.

And as an online friend of mine said, we have American evangelicals to thank for this. Now is the time to revisit Box Turtle Bulletin's excellent series on how all of this came to pass.

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Dan said...

A few things; One, I would love to know how one is aggravatingly homosexual?

Two, there isn't a death penalty, but there might as well be; life in Ugandan prison won't be long for anyone who is LGBT...