Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Matt Barber wishes America would pass laws against the lgbt community

No matter how many times anti-gay groups and their spokespeople express desires for it it, what's happening to the lgbt community in Russia isn't going to happen to us here in America.

But it's still a drag to hear them make such a wish:

"(Homosexuality) is a very dangerous lifestyle that countries like Russia are, in addition to reestablishing and saying no, marriage is what it's always been, they're saying additionally we are going to stop this homosexual activist propaganda from corrupting children in our nation and we need to see that right here in the United States." - Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel and "dean" at Liberty University
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mykelb said...

19th Century heterosupremists.

Remy Keifer said...

I'm gonna be sick... Why should we feel unsafe in our own country for such a small difference?