Thursday, January 23, 2014

'NOM ally REALLY despises same-sex families' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Robert Oscar López remains hopeful that kids of gays will grow up to resent them - Meet and familiarize yourselves with Robert Oscar Lopez. He is allegedly a bisexual man who was raised in a same-sex households. And one more thing - he absolutely DESPISES same-sex households. He isn't that well known but pretty soon he probably will be. The National Organization for Marriage and other anti-gay groups will no doubt be utilizing his "services" to the fullest in order to demonize same-sex families.

Lopez has also:

-- Equated same-sex adoption with "cultural genocide once used against blacks and Indians": "The gay community is now entirely allied to the cultural genocide practices once used against blacks and Indians, since they are determined to say that, in the words of Nancy Polikoff, genetics doesn't matter as long as an adoptive couple can sway the powers that be to award them children. It all feels new and shiny to the gay community, because to them it's a way to overcome past inequality. But they are repeating the same genocidal practices of the past."

-- Without any evidence, claimed that the late Tyler Clementi probably "had liaisons with men who were older than eighteen and committing statutory rape."

-- Slurred same-sex parents as "slavers buying children from poor surrogate mums overseas": "The testimonials from happy children of same-sex couples are obviously handpicked and staged to maximize the value of propaganda, but a gullible populace won't ask what isn't being printed or broadcast. A gullible populace prefers ingesting whatever is printed or broadcast. 'Love' is a meaningless mantra, like 'nobody is really listening to your phone calls' or "we need drones for national security purposes" out of the mouth of Obama; but in a country where people are swayed by Obama's silky voice, why would people not be swayed by gay couples saying, 'we aren't slavers buying children from poor surrogate mums overseas, we love our kids'?

In other news: 

Harvey: 'Gays Are All Closeted Heterosexuals' - Girlfriend, have I got news for you . . .  

Nigeria: Thousands of protesters throw stones into court urging executions of gay men - Simply barbaric! 

Indiana GOP Leader Moves Failing Marriage Equality Ban To More Conservative Committee (UPDATE) - Thus saith the Lord: Thou shalt do underhanded sneaky stuff when you can't get your way through fair means.  

"Transgender Dysphoria Blues" Is Proof That Rock Still Matters - Love this post!

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