Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Photo of gay black couple & their children causes twitter freakout' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Photo of black gay couple getting their kids ready for school caused twitter freakout.

Photo of black gay fathers causes Black Twitter to overreact. But why? - A photo of a black gay couple getting their children ready for school apparently caused some black folks on twitter to overreact. Now before you all start about "homophobia in the black community," please be advised that it's rare to see this sort of thing in the lgbt community in general. I mean I adore seeing pictures of Neil Patrick Harris's family but let's diversify a bit. The overreaction is probably partly due to homophobia and partly due to the unfortunate invisibility of lgbts of color in both the black and gay communities. And just whose fault is that? 

Churches campaign against possible fairness ordinance in Danville - And the lies never die.

 Arizona Lawmaker Proposes Religious ‘License To Discriminate’ Against LGBT People - Here we go again.
Publix Ordered to Pay Cake Decorator $100,000 for Firing Him Because He's Gay - Publix's explanation for the firing sounded shady to me too.  

Family Research Council now agrees: Gay couples form loving relationships - The miracle of the day, with a caveat of course.  

Sally Kern Slams Oklahoma Gay Marriage Ruling: 'Homosexuality Is Not A Civil Right' - Poor Oklahoma legislator Sally Kern. She is all upset that an Oklahoma judge has ruled for marriage equality.


Erica Cook said...

To all people who have an issue with a candid of two men and their girls. GET A LIFE. Seriously people. How about we all just chill a bit and let people be. And people pulled this shit on a straight dad who took a candid of him doing his girls hair. I don't thing this is so much a gay thing, but a people need to get over their shit thing.

Unknown said...

I am a gay man who has been in many hetro relationships and with 2 kids. I am currently with my partner for 15 years which is in some cases is longer than some hetro marriages. My 16 yo son lives with us and has a more stable life than he did when he lived with his Mother. We sit at dinner everynight as a family at the table which again is in some cases is more than hetro familys do in this day and age. He has 2 loving fathers who take care of all his needs. We do not try and influance his life style when it comes to weather he wants to be gay or straight. Its not a choice we make or he could make, it is one that God would have made for him. IT IS only our responsibily to supoort him in whatever life hands him , weather its for him to be straight or gay. Also the word straight is an unfair lable. IF IT TURNS out that God plans for him to be hetrosexual then he will be hetro not straight. He has our love NO MATTER which he turns out to be, Which again is more than alot of hetro familys can say. With all the things in the world to hate why add children being happy to it. If a child is happy and getting the love and support that he/she needs why should it matter if its from hetro or gay parents as long as they have parents. Thats is the real concern here. It is to easy to forget that when the true meaning is really hidden behind hatred for someone or something that is or are different from what is considered normal. LOVE And being LOVED is what should be judged as normal not the manner in which it is given.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! As long as they love and care for their children, why should anyone be upset? Many "normal"families are filled with mental, sexual and physical abuse.
Keep on living and loving. That is what life is all about.y

Unknown said...

I see a loving family, beautiful people, who will open more eyes and hearts with their example of living truthfully, as they are meant to, than any hate-filled lies from those that can't fathom that love does not judge or discriminate; it's here for all.