Tuesday, January 07, 2014

'Utah marriage opponents denies calling for an 'uprising'' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

AFA Affiliate Defends Russian 'Gay Propaganda' Law Don't get mad. Broadcast.  

Did Sheriff Richard Mack Really Call For An Uprising Against Gay Marriage In Utah? - Utah marriage equality opponents - "Hey, we never said a thing about an 'uprising' because of marriage equality. I mean no one said it in the meeting and just because the word was in our literature didn't mean we were talking about violence. We were really talking about a nice game of croquet where everyone participating gets trophies . . ." 

Pittsburgh City Council Elects First Openly Gay President - Looks like our nefarious plan to "indoctrinate" the Pittsburgh Steelers is right on track. I get Troy Polamulu  

Evander Holyfield Has Homophobic Beliefs But ‘Love For Gays’ - Don't they all. That's like getting slapped in the face and then being kissed on the lips by the same person. In spite of what some folks claim, lgbts neither figuratively nor literally go for that crap.

 17 Politicians Who've Faced Gay Rumors Or Sex Scandals - No comment two times. Those who know what I mean know what I mean (and that's not a typo.)

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