Wednesday, February 26, 2014

'Latest attempt to play blacks vs. gays divide just plain tacky' and other Wednesday midday news briefs's Desperate Anti-Equality Gambit: Driving A Racial Wedge - Uh for the benefit of the future, if you are going to use an African-American group to exploit the alleged division between blacks and gays on the subject of civil rights, make sure that it's not a group which everyone KNOWS is a group bought-and-paid for by those who oppose marriage equality. It's just so tacky. 

One-Third Of Millennials Who Left Their Religion Did It Because Of Anti-Gay Policies: Survey - Can you really blame them? Some religions don't encourage growth or searching. They just the false idea that they have all of the answers.

 'Religious Freedom' Bill Opposed By LGBT Advocates Likely Dead In Georgia House - And another one down, and another one down. And another one bites the dust. 

 Three Of Four New State ‘License To Discriminate’ Bills Have Already Faltered - This news is so delicious you just KNOW that it's fattening.  

Ugandan Scientist Who Chaired President Museveni’s Anti-Homosexuality Committee Runs HIV Project Funded by NIH - Now if there is a case where funding needs to be yanked . . .  

Even Fox News Isn't So Sure About Arizona's Homophobic Bill - Okay why am I supposed to give a crap? This "network" spent the longest time instigating the situation which led to folks wanting to pass these bills and all of the sudden, they aren't sure about it. Am I supposed to applaud an arsonist who saves people from a fire which he helped to cause? 

 READ: FRC's three-part plan toward legally divorcing, proudly oppressing LGBT people - Apparently the Family Research Council has all sorts of evil junk planned for the lgbt community because they LOVE us no doubt.

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