Friday, February 07, 2014

'Plaintiffs in marriage equality suit want to exclude testimony from discredited professor' and other Friday midday news briefs

Plaintiffs in gay marriage suit seek to exclude ‘expert’ witness Mark Regnerus - An incredibly gutsy and brilliant move by those defending marriage equality in Michigan could have devastating consequences for those who oppose marriage equality nationwide, seeing that Regnerus' discredited study is used widely in several of their court cases. 

T.a.T.u., Pop Duo with Lesbian Image, Set to Play Opening of Winter Olympics - And in a country - Russia - facing heavy criticism for its anti-gay laws. Oh the irony is just delicious.

House panel passes gay marriage response to protect refusal of benefits - This situation in Kansas doesn't look good for us at all.

Four LGBT Activists Arrested At St. Petersburg Olympics Protest - You have to give props to these brave individuals.

 Piers Morgan’s Meltdown: Five Ways To Be A Bad LGBT Ally - I LOVE this piece.


Anonymous said...

The regenerous decision seems a win either way. If he is on the witness stand he would have to truthfully answer to his methodology and funding.

olandp said...

Why would they try to exclude Renerus? Putting him on the witness stand under oath would expose his animus and incompetence for the whole world to see.