Monday, February 03, 2014

'Spooky claims about CA transgender student law proven to be wrong' and other Monday midday news briefs

One Month Later: How California's Transgender Student Law Is Affecting Public Schools - This is so shocking . . . that anti-lgbt lies have been proven wrong YET AGAIN. All of the nonsense they spun about men and boys "invading girls' bathrooms and locker rooms haven't come true and it simply won't. 

Daily Caller: "Transgender Dudes" Are Forcing Their Way Into Female Bathrooms - Not that it matters when there is a good lie to sell.  

Focus on the Family's resident 'ex-gay' equates marriage inequality with eliminating slavery - Dear predominantly white anti-gay group, your efforts to sow discrimination against same-sex couples (many of them being African-American) is NOT comparable to ending slavery, no matter how many times you claim that it is.  

Brookdale to offer same-sex spousal benefits in response to lawsuit - Excellent! Equality wins again!  

Agema: Stop 'Shoving This Idea Down Our Throat' Of The 'Homosexual Lifestyle' - The semantics of the language here is not accidental but carefully planned.

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