Tuesday, March 04, 2014

'Fox News personality - lgbts are 'sore winners'' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

George Will, Fox News Contributor, Claims LGBT People Are 'Sore Winners' - I've read this article twice and I STILL don't know what this man is talking about.

Mark Regnerus, Disputed Gay Parenting Study Author, Testifies On Same-Sex Marriage - Eh. I'm not impressed with his testimony. BUT he gets cross-examined today. Sock it to HIM! 

 Mark Regnerus’ Own Sociology Department Calls His Anti-Gay Conclusions ‘Fundamentally Flawed’ - Meanwhile . . .

 Pastor leading Michigan's anti-equality fight: Homosexuality is 'bondage' that 'leads to destruction and death' - And why do our opposition rely on discredited studies? Because I don't think stuff like this would fly in court.  

Washington Times Columnist: Liberals Using Michael Sam To Distract From Benghazi - Aw hell! Who told him? I swear some of us simply can't keep our mouths shut.

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