Tuesday, March 18, 2014

'Hello there you gay-loving Godless human minions of Satan' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

BarbWire: Gay Rights 'Has Its Roots In Hell,' Championed By 'Godless Human Minions Of Satan' - Well I've been called many things, but this one is a first. With rhetoric like this, how can the anti-gay forces fear losing this so-called culture war. (eyes rolling)

 The next anti-LGBT export target: Peru - Uganda, Jamaica, Russia, and now Peru. Do you notice an ugly trend or is it just me?

 Catholic Leader Resigns From Austin Ruse's Group Following Remarks About Shooting Professors - I am so loving this entire story. 

STUDY: Military Should Abandon Policy Banning Transgender Servicemembers - Yes it should. End of story.  

According To Pornhub, The South Watches More Gay Porn Than Any Other Part Of The U.S. - And proud of it, dude. Mississippi is number one, which gives new meaning to the song 'Mississippi Goddamn Mississippi.'

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