Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'NOM losing credibility, Jason Collins signed for the rest of the year' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

No more gloating from you, Brian Brown.

How the National Organization for Marriage Was Banished to the Basement at CPAC 2014 - A delightful story from Michelangelo Signorile on the rapidly decreasing influence of the National Organization of Marriage, particularly with folks at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference. But before you begin dancing in the streets, allow me to tell you a short Biblical story on the danger of complacency:

 The prophet Elisha was visited by the King of Israel, Joash, while on his death bed. Elisha told Joash to take some arrows and strike them on the ground. Joash smashed the arrows on the ground three times. Elisha was furious, telling the Joash that he should have struck the arrows at least five or six times on the ground until they were destroyed. The arrows represented the enemies of Israel. Because Joash was timid, the Israelites would defeat their enemies only three times instead of repeatedly until these enemies were consumed. 

And that is how we should look at not only NOM, but all groups who would seek to keep us from full equality. I don't mean physical destruction, of course. I am talking about the consistent way the lgbt community, via blogs, word of mouth, articles, lawsuits (thank you, Fred Karger), and other methods, came together and consumed NOM by ripping away its lies and phony talking points. Gone are the days when Maggie Gallagher rubbed defeats in our faces. Now we have them on the ropes and NOM is slowly sinking into a pit of  irrelevancy. Let's not slack up now. Let's continue to beat the arrows on the ground until they are consumed. 

In other news briefs (if you haven't gotten bored with my preaching yet):

Slaying of Lesbian Couple in Galveston Investigated as Possible Hate Crime - I am hoping and praying that the perpetrator of this awful crime is caught immediately. 

 Concerned Women For America Drops Out Of World Congress of Families Moscow Summit - An anti-gay group showing tact? I can't believe it. 

 Nets Plan To Sign Jason Collins For Rest Of NBA Season - Awesome!!  

How not to hold a commentator accountable starring Fox News' Jeanine Pirro - It's crap like this which makes it so difficult to expose anti-gay lies. Journalists need to learn to do their damn jobs!  

Experts, officials address concerns over transgender student athletes - You mean all of those spooky claims they made when the law protecting transgender students in CA was passed isn't taking place? Why that would mean Fox News and company were (gasp and swoon!) lying!

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