Thursday, March 06, 2014

Prepare to lose THIS battle, Bryan Fischer

Poor Bryan Fischer. The lgbt community is obviously driving him insane. He tries to sound like General George Patton rallying the troops here but he comes across as a crazy old man who really needs to either stop obsessing so much about lgbts or address desires he has possibly deep inside his psyche (Editor's note - I'm not implying that Fischer is gay, but if he was, his case would be the only time I would support reparative therapy.)


Anonymous said...

There's no doubt he's gay. There was an interview not too long ago when the interview asked if Bryan had same sex attraction and he got all defensive and wouldn't answer. It's pretty obvious there's some really wrong with this guy. I mean who advocates putting gays to death!?

Tor said...

Fischer may not be gay, but he thinks and talks about gay sex more than any gay person I know.

Anonymous said...

Listen how he says "Darkness". He's gay. Just doesn't want to admit it.

JCF said...

"I mean who advocates putting gays to death!?"

Worldwide, waaaay too many people.

[But yes, I agree re Bry-Bry.]