Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Three anti-gay reasons why Christianity has been taken hostage by kooks

Franklin Graham
Apparently it's "Evangelicals Show Their Asses" Day:

VIDEO: Franklin Graham defends Putin remarks, says gay and lesbian couples ‘recruit’ children  

Duck Dynasty star: Gays are going to hell is ‘what the Bible says’ 

 Pat Robertson Recalls The Days When Gays Were Stoned To Death, Blames Satan For Gay Rights

And there you have it - three reasons why Christianity is getting an awful reputation these days. Odious, self-righteous folks lacking humility and introspection in their rush to judge others. They are so eager to clutch their Bibles in sad attempts to defend their need to attack families and persons who don't fit their definition of morality while at the same time willing to play the victim when called out for their attacks.

They pervert the Word of God into a whip which only they have the right to wield.

It's like what I said in my booklet, How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America

 Whether it be the defense of “Southern culture,” the “German homeland,” or “Judeo - Christian values,” it all adds up to the same thing - isolating an innocent group as the essence of evil and claiming that if only said group were put in its place, the world would be a better place.


Leonard said...

The guy is nuts. He doesn't even realize that HE IS ONE OF THE KOOKS! Really, we've had lifetimes of personally threatened, dangerous religious zealots on the take...they take whatever they can to stoke the fires of self-righteous dishonesty directed toward fellow human beins.

BJohnM said...

And all this can take on an even more onerous tone when things aren't going so well in your society. When people are having a hard time finding jobs, or fall on economic hard times, or see society changing around them, they look for scapegoats. People can't find jobs or get medical care because of illegal immigrants. People's straight marriages are apparently falling apart, and society as a whole is disentegration because of gays and gay marriage.

So people like Franklin, to keep attention on themselves and money flowing, whip people into a frenzy, and then wonder how it got so out of hand...because it's not their fault, they never meant that. Ask Scott Lively about that in Uganda.

On a side note, notice the response times in the questions about Billy Graham writing a new book. Billy Graham has not had the mental acuity to start, or even outline, a book in some years. Graham had to think about that, and suddenly, "oh yes, he's started a book...probably can't finish it...we have an outline, so maybe "we" can finish it for him." And then he hesitated at the question of the topic, and had to think that one up on the spot.

Franklin Graham might, if he were lucky, be pastoring some small Baptist church in the mountains of North Carolina were it not for his father. He's never accomplished a thing that didn't somehow involved his father, hence all his work at creating a library/museum...and now, after Graham dies, Franklin will come out one (if not more) book/s started by his father, and completed by him.

I know Franklin Graham. He's a spoiled, entitled brat. He might be one of the most condescending and inconsiderate people you'll ever meet. Notice how he cut off the interviewer and wanted to change the subject from gay marriage when the interviewer started with some harder questions, but then he goes right back to gay rights as being the big problem in society today.

I could go on, but this one guy (which is ashamed given who his father is) may be the single biggest blight on the name "Christian" in the U.S. today. Everything that is wrong with today's conservative, evangelical wing of Christianity is exemplified in Franklin Graham.

Anonymous said...

You make it sound like Christianity is so accepting of homosexuality and it's just a few idiots are making the rest look bad. I hate to tell you this, but in my view, tolerant Christians are few and far between. Unfortunately Christianist bigots are, sadly, the norm. Opinions are slowly changing but in most Christian churches all over the world, bigotry still has free reign.

BlackTsunami said...

I appreciate your point of view anonymous but I wouldn't go so far as to say what you said. I've run into Christians who are not as condemning to the lgbt community and others, who while they were taught one way, had a different point of view after meeting some of us. The point is that people like Franklin, Roberts, etc. are the ones who are unfortunately gaining all of the attention.

Dr. Shrinker said...

"Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson said that Satan is behind homosexuality and that Jesus wouldn’t have served gay couples since they would have been stoned to death."

- "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."