Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Couple holding own prom after school's anti-transgender discrimination' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Couple Plans Own Prom After Student Says School Barred Her From Bringing Her Transgender Boyfriend - And I just bet their prom will be much better. I'd go to it rather than the school's.  

The Importance of Being Born Black and Gay - As you can tell, I have a personal bias when it comes to LOVING this piece.

Louisiana Lawmakers Refuse To Repeal State Law Banning Oral Sex - Oh come on guys! Why keep an antiquated law used to entrap gay men? Or have I answered my own question?  

Judge stays most of Ohio gay marriage ruling - Be patient, folks. Victory will be ours, soon.  

Anti-Gay Extremist Linda Harvey Says She Is Tired Of Talking About Gay Rights Issues - And by that, Harvey means she doesn't want any of us talking about lgbt rights issues. Sorry Linda dear, but prepare to become deliriously tired in the coming months.

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