Monday, April 21, 2014

'Franklin Graham's warped view of persecution' and other Monday afternoon news briefs

Editor's note - My apologies for the late news brief posting. I got caught in a personal emergency, WHICH is all taken care of now.

Franklin Graham
The following two news briefs prove one sad fact - Franklin Graham has a warped idea of persecution:

Franklin Graham Claims The News Media Is Persecuting Christians - Inviting Franklin Graham to spew homophobia? To him, THAT's anti-Christian persecution. 

Franklin Graham’s detestable anti-gay statements - But what Russia is doing to its lgbt citizens, i.e. creating an atmosphere of violence and unjust arrests, is NOT persecution. 

In other news:

 Boy Scouts Kick Out Entire Church For Refusing To Discriminate Against Gay Scoutmaster - You know that old saying which goes "Now I've heard everything . . ."

Illinois GOP Ousts Officials Who Opposed Former Chairman's Support Of Same-Sex Marriage - How ya like THEM apples?

 TWO’s Chicago Sun Times Op-Ed: Illinois Gets it Wrong on Gay Conversion Therapy - Illinois legislators made a huge faux pas last week.

  Destroying Every Stereotype - I LOVE this article which tells how lgbt athletes of color are coming out of the closet and doing, as the title states, destroying stereotypes.

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