Wednesday, April 02, 2014

'Mark Regnerus is a glutton for punishment' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Mark Regnerus
Mark Regnerus will never learn - Standard anti-gay practice; when discredited by the courts, blame the judge. Mark Regnerus definitely has sadomasochistic tendencies. I say we accommodate him in that respect. 

The Amazing Coincidence Behind Todd Starnes' Latest Christian Victimization Column - Uh oh. Todd Starnes may be in trouble (and it's about time, too.) There are rumblings that his latest lie of anti-Christian persecution is tied into generating sales for his upcoming book which is about . . . anti-Christian persecution. 

 Mississippi Legislature Passes ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill That Legalizes Discrimination Against Gay People - Well shit. You really didn't it would be over because of Arizona, did you 

 ‘Day Of Dialogue’: Focus On The Family’s Sugarcoated Attempt To Promote Ex-Gay Therapy In Schools - Almost time for this mess again.

 Pastor Rick Warren Still Hasn’t Owned Up To His Role In Creating Anti-Gay Climate In Uganda - Just sad.

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