Monday, May 12, 2014

'Anti-gay activists becoming more vocal about Michael Sam kiss' & other Monday midday news briefs

Lighten up folks! It was just a kiss!

Anti-Gay Activists Were 'Grossed Out' By Michael Sam's 'Cringe-Inducing' Kiss - Some people didn't like Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on television. Now the ghetto sista in me would say something like, "Jealous bitches always be hatin'"  However the sensible person in me says "It's just a kiss, folks. I mean geez! And I can think of worse people to kiss than Michael Sam or his boyfriend. Such as Donald Trump, Todd Starnes, Rush Limbaugh, Peter LaBarbera, that guy in my church yesterday who had dragon with nine-heads breath."

Fox Responds To NFL Disciplining Player For Anti-Gay Tweets About Michael Sam: Could It "Offend ... Free Speech?" - A Miami Dolphins football player is disciplined for an anti-gay tweet about Michael Sam and Fox News personalities and Donald Trump is ever so pissed about it.

 Jason Benham: Christians Have A Duty To "Destroy" Ideas God Doesn't Like, Including Marriage Equality - People have asked after the debacle last week with the Benham Brothers, why are they still getting air time to talk about how much they "love" gays? How else can homophobes continue to hang themselves if we stop handing them the rope?

Hubris hath no ego like an anti-LGBT movement that spins - In a strange show of stupidity, the American Family Association has chosen to list all of the Mississippi businesses who won't follow that stupid law which allows them to discriminate against lgbts. In this organization's universe, a business declaring that it will serve everyone is a violation of "religious freedom."  

As Arkansas Republicans Freak Out About Marriage Equality, Senate Candidates Remain Mum - And, lest I forget, Arkansas got the gift of marriage equality last weekend. I guess those "queerbots" I used to replace the judges there and the other places where marriage equality laws were struck down are really working (Sorry. I watched that episode of the Bionic Woman, "Fembots in Las Vegas" yesterday and it continues to linger with me.)


Gregory Peterson said...

Their reaction to the Michael and Vito kiss reminds me of something way back when both the Earth and I were a lot younger. That's when conservatives were grossed out when Petula Clark touched Harry Belefonte's arm.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That was the sweetest little kiss I have seen in my lifetime...the best of everything to Michael Sam and his boyfriend (I'm only slightly jealous but clearly celoso). Leonardo