Friday, May 30, 2014

'Laverne Cox makes history by being on the cover of Time magazine' & other Friday midday news briefs

Why Time’s Profile Of Laverne Cox Is A Big Step Forward For Transgender Equality - History has been made as Laverne Cox becomes the first transgender person to make the cover of Time magazine. And the sets of articles in Time magazine in this issue are awesome, too.

'State And Union' Follows The Hardships Of Alabama's Lesbian-Led Families - VIDEO - Excellent! We need more focus on lgbt-led families.  

Audio: 'Unbiased researcher' (ha, ha, ha!) Mark Regnerus plays anti-equality pundit, adviser - History will remember how the lgbt community quickly and mercilessly dismantled the lies of Mark Regnerus as an example of us learning quickly about the dangers of allowing junk science study purveyors to spread their nonsense unchallenged. (After all, we are still cleaning up the lies of Paul Cameron decades later). 

 Alan Keyes Claims Gay Rights Will Lead To 'Self-Inflicted Genocide' And 'Suicide For Humanity' - And when history also remembers that it was Alan Keyes who President Obama thrashed in the race for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat and that victory helped pave his way to the White House, a huge cry of THANK GOOOOOOD!! will be heard from future generations. 

Texas Religious Right Leader Warns LGBT Protections Will 'Terrorize Women And Children' - OR how the religious right lies in the name of God.

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