Monday, May 19, 2014

'NOM may face $50,000 fine in Maine' & other Monday midday news briefs

Jim DeMint: Marriage equality makes people 'angry, resentful of their country and of the people who are pushing it' - I never cared about what came out of DeMint's mouth when SC had the ignorance to elect him as a Senator. Naturally, I care even less now that he is no longer a senator.
The Same-Sex Adoption Cases Playing Out In Utah While Marriage Is On Hold - Utah really needs to stop pussyfooting with the lives of these families.  

Transgender Teens Are Fitting In With The Aid Of School Officials, But Concerns Remain - Slowly but surely, our children will be protected.  

Government Awards Full Benefits To Wife Of Female Soldier Killed In Afghanistan - Bittersweet but positive news. 


How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America - a special shout-out for the booklet as it is less than 60,000 reads (embedded and direct) away from reaching one million. Of course I wish the downloads would pick up even though 769 is hardly anything to sneeze at. Let's all do what we can to expose the 30 year plus apparatus of anti-lgbt propaganda. And you can do it in two ways:

Go to the Scribd site and read it. Be sure to download and/or send the link to your local or national lgbt organizations, family, friends, and even the opposition.

Or if the Scribd site gives you too many problems, go here to to direct adobe acrobat copy of the booklet. Read and/or download to the folks I mentioned above.

This is not Alvin McEwen's booklet. This is OUR booklet. It is short but concise and direct ammunition against anti-gay propaganda which we have needed for the longest time. Although not as glamorous as other things in the lgbt community, this booklet gets the job of exposing the anti-gay right done. And then some . .

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