Thursday, June 26, 2014

'Anti-gay groups have a strange definition of 'sex parades'' & other Thursday midday news briefs

It would seem that several anti-gay spokespeople and groups, specifically the American Family Association, are sending out emails accusing Macy's department store of not just sponsoring "gay pride" events but rather sponsoring "sex parades." There is just one problem with that accusation as seen by the AFA email below. See if you can guess:

Now, I haven't performed my rendition of the "beast with two backs" in almost a year but I know things haven't changed so much that the above scene constitutes a "sex parade."

As a matter of fact, according to blogger extraordinaire Jeremy Hooper, AFA pilfered the above photo from a personal blog showcasing a 2010 West Hollywood gay pride parade and as it happens, there is absolutely NO SEX of any kind going on in those photos.

By the way, I am taking tremendous personal risk in revealing my lack of a sex life. If anti-gay groups are to be believed about the number of times us gays have sex in a year, I am waaaay below my quota, which means if the Gay Mafia finds out, I'm going to go up for re-education. Oh God, I just can't take anymore marathons of "Queer as Folk."

In other news:

William Owens: 'We Must Be Willing To Die' In Fight Against 'Abnormal' LGBT Rights - Willie, you know damn well you are not prepared as long as NOM is giving you $20,000 to act like a fool.  

Susan Collins Becomes Fourth Republican Senator To Support Same-Sex Marriage - Hot damn! Part 1  

Colorado County Clerk Begins Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses (Updated)- Hot damn! Part 2

 UN Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution On “Protection Of The Family” - This is dangerous because of the potential omission of lgbt couples.  
Bryan Fischer Can't Understand Why Anti-Gay Bigots Are Demonized For Living In The World Of Common Sense - You ever had one of those questions which makes you swoon in anticipation of giving an answer?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope the Gay mafia aren't reading your blog (lol). I'm sure you've heard of the case of the young woman from Uganda who was seeking asylum in the UK. They weren't going to give her asylum because she hadn't been in a relationship for 5 years! They said it meant she wasn't a lesbian! (I think they've decided to let her stay while they review her case again, but I might have some news stories mixed up.)

And, yeah, if that was a "sex parade," it was seriously lacking sex. *eyeroll*

Donny D. said...

It's a sex parade because LGBT people are always and only sexual. So anything about us is "sex".

Which is why the 'phobes screech about us taking sex out of our bedrooms and into the streets when we talk about ourselves in ANY way.