Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Marriage equality rulings destroy years of Gary Bauer's anti-gay propaganda . . . and he ain't happy

About the rulings today for marriage equality (Indiana and Utah; Utah's ruling being more far reaching and coming through after I published today's news briefs), let's forget the deliciously negative reaction from Brian Brown and NOM and Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council.

For my money, I am enjoying the sad reaction from old school anti-gay spokesman Gary Bauer:

A lot of you young folks don't know who Gary Bauer . He was the head of the Family Research Council from 1988 - 1999. It was under his auspices that the group specifically and without apology pushed anti-gay propaganda and created false research papers citing junk science studies to demonize lgbts - propaganda and false research papers which caused me more mental harm than I care to admit.

So it is satisfying as well as gratifying to watch the body of junk Gary Bauer helped to create over the years to hurt the lgbt community crumble into dust right before his very eyes.

There is an old saying about giving someone you love "their flowers" while they are living. In the case of Gary Bauer, I enjoy watching him being figuratively pricked by the thorns which he richly deserves.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.


Scott said...

Gary Bauer was also a domestic adviser to Reagan during the beginning of the AIDS crisis and worked with Bill Bennett to help Reagan totally ignore the issue for years.

Bauer is responsible for thousands of deaths.

Bose in St. Peter MN said...

I'm a little intrigued/surprised that the video pans across quite beautiful scenes of same-sex couples supporting marriage equality and/or about to marry.

Maybe we're finally starting to leave the salacious parade photos behind every time LGBT issues are covered on the right?