Monday, June 09, 2014

Take a look at the 'Christians' who support NOM and its upcoming march

With the National Organization for Marriage planning its big march (March4Marriage) and taking the guise of a group whose followers "supports marriage between a man and a woman," the flyer below, comprised by the site NOManiacs, shows otherwise.


oruboris said...

I'm the only out gay man in a huge family-- better than 60 first cousins on my mom's side alone, so you can bet that there are some closet cases among them.

I'm just exhausted by the bigotry, the 'Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve' mentality that pervades not just my family but my rural, religious area.

While my partner and I are a recognized couple and welcome in most local businesses, hate is still preached loudly and proudly at most churches around here, and few of the straight folk recognize the need for non-discrimination ordinances and equal marriage. Groups like NOM have them convinced that we are exceptions to the rule, that the gays they don't know personally are evil.

David said...

oruboris, I am sorry that those "churches" have made you to feel unwelcomed and unloved. If the preaching is about gays, and how they are the root of all evil, then they are full of folly, as the purpose of a church is to focus only on the Savior of all sinners, and welcome all people. It is sad that not only gays but also homeless are turned away and turned off by those who go to church to make business connections and look good in the eyes of certain men. Then they will wonder when their rapture occurs why everyone still was on earth and showed up the next Sunday.

Joel said...

No need for the scare quotes. They are christians just as much as you are, they just differ in their theology on this point. Own it.

BlackTsunami said...

Sorry Joel but I refuse to shame the religion by labeling these folks without the scare quotes.