Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anti-gay spokesman - transgender women shouldn't go to church so they shouldn't use the ladies bathroom

When you are listening to this, keep remember that this man, Gordon Klingenschmitt, wants to be serve as a Colorado state representative:

 If you ask me, I think Klingenschmitt just "winged" that one off of the top of his head.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch


Erica Cook said...

Okay, so a person who has a sex change operation is so evil he/she can't be christian. But a business man who cheats on his taxes, a man who cheats on his wife, or a guy who abuses his family can. Our of respect for the fact that I know Alvin is also a Christian I won't say what I am thinking right now.

Michael G said...

This jughead equates attending his place of worship with using a restroom to defecate.
And somehow I still miss the 'christian love'.