Monday, July 07, 2014

How the gay community can defeat the 'bathroom bill' lies of the religious right

Time and time again, anti-gay groups and their supporters have exploited fear of the transgender community in order to hinder lgbt equality.

Beware of "predators invading women's restrooms and locker rooms pretending to be women," they tell us. They also say that this will happen should communities pass  lgbt anti--discrimination laws.

Of course, no lgbt anti-discrimination law has ever caused this to happen. Unfortunately a fact of life is that there are some folks who prey on women and children, but no lgbt anti-discrimination laws have ever assisted them in this effort.

Better yet, check out this following graphic courtesy of Media Matters. The organization published it a while back and  I was hoping that it would be picked up and passed around to educate people on fears of the transgender community.

It hasn't, but it should be:


steevee said...

It's maddening to read gay men repeat the same fears of men in drag bursting into women's changing rooms and raping them on the comments section of gay blogs. Is our community really that ignorant?

Anonymous said...

"Is our community really that ignorant?"

Unfortunately, yeah, the community is that ignorant. We've been complaining about this ever since the mainstream LGBT community used & dumped Silvia Rivera & Martha Johnson after Stonewall.

Jennifer Michelle Gellar said...

You do realize that the bathroom bill has nothing to do with the gay community and everything to do with the Trans community. There has been no gay man to ever want to use the women's restroom but all Trans women have to use the women's restroom!!!

BlackTsunami said...

I used "gay community" in a colloquial sense. The way I see it, if one segment of the community has inequality, all of us does.