Tuesday, August 05, 2014

NOM exploits families to harm the lgbt community

One of the most vile things about the National Organization for Marriage is how it takes seemingly innocent concepts and exploits them for an ugly purpose. This tweet is a good example:

It's a nice thing to say., except when one realizes who is saying it. This is NOM, the group that has attempted to stop gays from marrying and same-sex households from protecting their family, especially their children.

This is the same organization which attempted to push a junk science study which attacked same-sex families. And it is the same organization helping to push a bill which would allow religiously-based foster care providers and adoption agencies to discriminate against gays while using tax dollars.

Taking all of that into account, we realize that NOM doesn't care about families of any stripe. All of the twitter posts and fake expressions of support of the "family unit" can neither erase nor conceal that fact.

NOM certainly doesn't care about gay families and heterosexual two-parent families are merely a tool for the group to set up a fictional competition in which the outcome is at the very least, the omission of gay families and at the very most, the disappearance of gay families.

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